Cooking Classes in Provence for Healthy Meals

Healthy diets and where to find them

A lot is being said about how our eating habits aren't what we would call the best in the world, and the negative impact it has on our health. Many of the most common diseases of the first world are derived of bad habits, and bad eating habits often top that list along with lack of proper exercise and stress. So, if you change your diet, you can also change your life, prevent diseases and increase your life quality.

Our health problems seem to show that our so called technological advancement with processed foods and products we eat might not have been in our best interest, after all. In the search for the best diet, researchers look for the regions and cultures with the healthiest people and ask them what they usually eat, and what their lifestyle is like. 

So today we want to focus on an area very close to the UK, full of merry and healthy people who have a lot to teach us about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, and the southern areas of Spain and France among others, have some of the healthiest inhabitants in Europe. Many call what they eat the "Mediterranean diet", and research shows it's great for health and wellness. So if we all learn a bit about these people, and copy their eating habits, we will enjoy a longer life with less illnesses and more satisfaction. Let's look a little deeper into the Mediterranean diet, shall we?

The Mediterranean diet

People from this area eat what they grow in their own countries. They have developed recipes based on local food products, including those from agriculture, fishing, and in less proportion cattle. These foods are often organic and natural, without much processing - or none at all - and are shared in a very special ritual for them which is the shared meal. For them, eating together is almost sacred, and it's a time to enjoy each other's company and bond with family and friends. Eating becomes a healthy delight and it also strenghtens the community, which also contributes to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Mediterranean diets vary from zone to zone, but they're often comprised by large and varied amounts of vegetable food like beans, whole grains, legumes, olive oil, potatoes, fruits and many others of the like. Eggs and dairy products are also present, as well as bird meat like chicken or turkey. Fish and seafood are common too, just more rarely eaten. Red meat is almost absent, and all processed products and sweets are usually left aside as they are unhealthy and unneeded.

Studies show that Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of many health problems and chronic diseases, including hear attacks and strokes, obesity, diabetes and many others that plague our daily lives nowadays.

Learn to cook healthy Mediterranean meals in France

Provence is the most famous place to try some of the Southern French culture, and a fantastic destination for holidays. If you go to Provence and try their great dishes, you will want to eat those delicious and healthy meals once and again, so why not take a cooking class in Provence and learn how to make them yourself back home? It can be a fun activity to share and now you can say you can cook French food, how cool is that?

Although France might not be renowned as a Mediterranean country itself, it does have a southern Mediterranean coast where people enjoy all the health benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle. If you're planning a trip to France, you should visit the Southern area so you enjoy the friendly weather, the nice people and the beautiful landscape. And, of course, Mediterranean meals. The French people have developed a unique eating culture with organic ingredients and local recipes that will be a joy to your tonsils, as well as a great social experience if you're lucky enough to share a table with them. 

There are sites where you can book cooking classes in Provence in advance. For example, Guest in the City is our favourite pick for booking cooking classes, meals in French homes or guided tours with locals. On this site, you can find a wide variety of cooking classes in Provence taught by friendly locals, so they can share their secrets and anecdotes with you while you learn the real way Mediterranean food is made - and eaten! You can also book other activities with French locals, including meals, tours, accommodation and so much more! You can check other customers' reviews on each host, book your trip and pay online with your credit card.

If you are interested in eating healthy food in France, click here to read amazing facts about healthy French food and learn more on this topic.

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