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We believe that you are what you eat. Would you rather be fresh, healthy and fair or added, changed and unfair? If you would rather be the latter then you probably don’t need to read on but if you consider yourself to be fresh, healthy and fair then Somerset Fair Trade is here to help!

Fairtrade food is all about local sustainability, good working conditions, and better prices. It is about making sure that the terms for traders on farms are fair and equal. But it isn’t just about that, it is also about you! It is about making sure that your food is not only grown in a good way but is handed to you in the same condition that it was when it was pulled out of the ground. No additives, no extras, and no pesticides!

Too many foods these days are pumped, covered or dipped in a number of toxic substances just so that they can stay fresher for longer. In reality, this isn’t necessary and if we all bought from our local farmers there wouldn’t be a need for them to be kept like this for so long. Sometimes the products are even mutated to make them larger or more ’typically’ shaped so that they are more appealing to the consumer’s eye.

Let’s look at the facts

A carrot is meant to be a carrot. It is meant to be a healthy vegetable grown in the ground and pulled out to be enjoyed raw or cooked. It isn’t supposed to be pumped with extra additives. When you buy a carrot you buy a carrot, there aren’t any ingredients printed on them so there shouldn’t be any ingredients added to them at any part of their process.

Here at Somerset Fair Trade, we connect consumers like you with farmers all over the country. Every farmer that we refer we first check is farming to fair trade standards. They walk us through their processes and even let us try some samples ... well someone has to!

How can I find a farmer near me?

Once we have found a new farmer and verified them, we log them onto our online directory. You can find them by searching in our online directory. You can search for the product e.g. potatoes or mushrooms, or you can simply search for a farm in your local area. You could even search for your area and see what pops up, which knows you may even find a strawberry farmer right next door to you!

Alternatively, you could contact a member of our friendly team either by our telephone hotline, our instant messaging or via email. The team will be able to do the search for you and provide you with the name, address and contact number of the farmer as well as a list of their products and prices! So if you are looking to live a healthy and fair lifestyle and would like to get in contact with fair trade farmers in your area then get in contact now!

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